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A proper hopper is a dust stopper

Intercem discusses a new clinker and raw material receiving hopper and reveals how it has transformed the materials handling capabilities of one Ivorian port operator.

The operator of the port in Abidjan, Ivory Coast, was searching for an engineering company with the flexibility to develop a hopper that could both unload raw materials quickly and offer almost dust-free handling. In response to this demand, Intercem developed the InterHop, a clinker and raw material receiving hopper designed to provide dust-free operation.

Working together, the two companies began with a consultation to establish the requirements and exact needs of the port operator and the steps necessary steps for them to be fulfilled.

Without such a development, the import of clinker and raw materials for cement production might have been slowed down, and the further industrialisation of the country could have been severely inhibited or even stopped altogether.

The dust on the roofs of the warehouses in the port of Abidjan, combined with moisture and rain, had accumulated to such an extent that the permissible load-bearing capacity of the roofs was exceeded. This led to the collapse of a warehouse roof, which resulted in it being out of action for several months, as well as posing a hazard to the staff who were present. In order to avoid such dangers in the future, it was important to develop a hopper that enabled dust-free operation.

Construction of the hopper was undertaken in the UAE under the supervision of Intercem staff.

When finished, the hopper was loaded onto a heavy-duty transport truck and driven from the construction yard to the jetty in the port, after successful trial runs were executed at the point of manufacture.

Loaded onto a special heavy load transport vessel, the hopper was transported from the UAE to the port of Abidjan, Ivory Coast.

After commissioning the InterHop, the expected results were immediately achieved and the port operator has already ordered a second InterHop clinker and raw material receiving hopper.

Technical data

The InterHop is designed to allow for 40 t of material to be unloaded in 10 sec. Truck loading is possible as well as direct feed via belt conveyor to a clinker and raw material silo. With a flexible design, the Interhop is a tailor-made solution developed according to the client’s requirements.

  • Low dust emissions during the bulk ship unloading progress with a gantry crane/shovel.
  • Low dust emissions during truck loading or transfer with a belt conveyor.
  • Rapid loading process for trucks.
  • High speed belt conveyor loading.
  • Strong and long-life hopper design.
  • Flexible hopper height in case of a new hopper position.

The grab intake has a diameter of 9.00 m and an intake opening at the top. The inlet (grate size) is 6.50 x 6.50 m and the height of the inlet (grate size) is 15 m. The overall dimensions (with walkways) are 10.00 x 17.80 m. The hopper has a capacity of 65 m3 with a density of 1.2 – 1.4 kg/dm3 and its weight is approximately 205 000 kg.

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