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Dover runs Liebherr MHCs on HVO100

Dover Cargo’s two Liebherr mobile harbour cranes are running on 100% biofuel.

The LHM 280 is in the foreground, with the LHM 550 also in shot

The LHM 280 is in the foreground, with the LHM 550 also in shot

The cranes, a LHM 550 and the smaller LHM 280, are used mainly to handle steel, breakbulk, containers, palletised fruit and construction materials.

In response to a specific requirement of Dover Cargo Ltd, they are able to work in wind speeds of up to Beaufort Force 9 severe gale (75-88 kph), meaning vessels can be unloaded all year round in nearly all the weather conditions experienced at the port.

When working on new drive concepts, Liebherr relies on HVO, among others, as an alternative fuel. Its manufacture is climate-neutral, according to the company, if electricity is solely generated from renewable energy sources.

In addition, it generates fewer emissions during its use than a machine operated with fossil diesel fuel. This becomes clear in a comparison – during the life cycle of a product, the greenhouse gas emissions can be lowered by up to 90% if the machine is fuelled with Neste MY Renewable Diesel (HVO100) instead of fossil diesel, said Liebherr.

Use of HVO supports the Port of Dover’s drive towards achieving its recently announced decarbonisation targets. According to Neste, the palm oil it uses to manufacture the biofuel is certified as 100% sustainable and 100% traceable.

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