Introducing Elementa 2: Trina Storage Unveils Advanced Energy Storage System powered by Trina’s in-house Battery Cells

Trina Storage, the leading global energy storage solution provider, announces the highly anticipated global launch of Elementa 2 – an advanced, flexible and high efficiency Energy Storage System (ESS). The new design incorporates advanced features including an upgraded pack design, precise thermal management enabled by smart liquid cooling technology, and a robust fire mitigation and suppression system. Elementa 2 establishes a new standard in performance, safety, and cost optimization, marking a significant milestone in Trina Storage’s commitment to sustainable energy solutions. 

“Trina Storage Elementa 2 is our new generation grid-scale LFP battery system built from the ground up using Trina´s vertically integrated LFP cells. As the energy landscape evolves, it’s imperative for companies to remain proactive and anticipate the evolving needs of customers. Elementa 2 is primed to meet market dynamic demands on capacity, safety & flexibility, ensuring unparalleled efficiency, comprehensive safety, and long-term reliability for our valued customers.” said Helena Li, Executive President at Trina Solar. 

Vertical Integration Capability 

With a total capacity of 4.07MWh, Elementa 2 is integrated with state-of-the-art 306Ah Trina LFP cells featuring high safety, performance, and cyclic lifetime. These cells are further integrated into an upgraded battery pack design, improving energy density by up to 16%. It is further optimized for thermal management, battery management as well as monitoring. Trina Storage, through its vertical integration strategy, is well positioned to bring strong customer value through products and solutions backed by in-house R&D, engineering, manufacturing, and testing capability.

Comprehensive Safety

Safety is paramount. Elementa 2 introduces a comprehensive safety advantage with multi-dimensional testing and targeted design for higher precision in fault detection at the cell level. The robust protective design enhances electrical & mechanical safety. At the system level, Elementa 2 provides diverse safety protections and integrates early fire hazard detection and suppression systems to prevent and counter thermal runaway.

Flexibility Redefined

With flexibility addressed as a key product feature, Elementa 2 boasts a modular design, allowing for seamless integration and customization across various markets as well as project applications. It is available in 2-hr as well as 4-hr configurations. Its Flexible Augmentation feature ensures scalability, enabling owners & operators to expand their energy storage capacity effortlessly. 

Optimized Cost

What sets Elementa 2 apart is its space-saving prowess, achieving a remarkable 26% reduction through a one-side door open feature and back-to-back system layout. Furthermore, Elementa 2 adopts a standardized 20ft size, not only streamlining installations but also drastically reducing shipping costs. Engineered for adaptability, rapid deployment, and smooth operational and maintenance processes, Elementa 2 minimizes project costs and enhances overall system performance. 

Battery Storage System Solutions 

Trina Storage brings customers a fully integrated & bankable energy storage solution with full wrap of warranties, guarantees & service packages. With Elementa 2, projects can be deployed faster and cost-effectively, delivering a lower LCOS while significantly reducing both CAPEX and OPEX. Trina Storage Elementa 2 represents a paradigm shift, delivering unmatched cost advantages while setting a new standard for efficiency and sustainability in energy storage.

About Trina Storage

Trina Storage, a business unit of Trina Solar established in 2015, is a global leader in energy storage products and solutions, dedicated to transforming the way we provide energy. Our mission is to lead the renewable energy transition through cost-competitive storage and to provide Solar For Everyone by expanding solar generation at scale. Leveraging over 26 years of expertise in solar manufacturing, we offer cost-effective and flexible storage solutions to meet the diverse needs of our global customers.

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