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New mechanical couplers for mini-excavators

The company said that these are ideal for use in many applications including construction, rental, roadwork, landscaping and agriculture.

“The new mechanical couplers offer increased comfort and productivity, with a single visit design guaranteeing that operators can change between attachments quickly, easily and safely on the jobsite,” the company stated.

“Coupler systems like this can convert mini-excavators into tool-carriers, enabling the operator to switch between buckets and a wide range of other attachments within minutes, maximising efficiency and output.”

Thanks to the hook-shaped design of the coupler, the bucket does not fall when unhooked. A perpendicular lock system is designed to ensure that there is maximum safety when working with Bobcat mini-excavators.

The mechanical pin grabber couplers are manufactured using extra-high-strength steel, which Bobcat said increases durability, while optimising weight and the mini-excavator’s performance.

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