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New silos and flat store at Tilbury

Following a devastating fire in July 2020, the Port of Tilbury’s Grain Terminal has now completed major construction works with the commissioning of 10 x 30m-high steel silos and a flat store with a combined storage capacity of 36,000t.

New silos and flat store at Tilbury

The metal silos will be filled and emptied using a new 650 tph transfer conveyor system. The conveyor also serves as an automated filling system for the 16,000t flat store, which has a direct delivery system to two flour mill sites.

Once fully operational this month, the combined silo and flat store facility returns the terminal’s total on site storage to 100,000t.

Works are also under way to replace the concrete silo and this is due for completion in December 2023. The new concrete silo will add a further 34,000t of automated storage, underpinning the terminal as the UK’s largest import/export grain handling facility, the port pointed out.

“We are extremely pleased to start the commissioning of our new metal silos and high-speed conveyor system,” said Peter Ward, commercial director at the Port of Tilbury. “Coupled with the construction of the concrete silo, the grain terminal will be back to full capacity on one site this year.”

“Our terminal is a key facility in the southeast of England and an essential part of the UK agricultural supply chain for imports and exports and benefits from the full multimodal services at the Port of Tilbury including river barge transportation into central London.”

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