Simba Solar Embarks on Free Solar Initiative for Nigerian Homes

Simba Group has introduced the Simba Solar ‘Talegent’ Series, aimed at streamlining the adoption of solar energy for households throughout Nigeria.

The Talegent series presents advanced technological solutions, featuring specialized solar inverters equipped with MPPT Charge Controllers and flexible battery combinations, including the advanced Lithium Ion option. This product line caters to diverse home energy requirements, distinguishing itself as a unique offering in the market.

During the product launch, Sandipan Bhattacharya, Business Head of Simba Group’s Power Division, emphasized, “The Talegent Series represents a significant achievement in Simba Solar’s mission towards sustainable and effective home energy utilization. With energy expenses on the rise, solar solutions present homeowners with a distinct opportunity to access consistent power while reducing costs. However, the complexity associated with these solutions can be daunting. Our goal at Simba Solar is to simplify the selection process for our customers.”

Likewise, Adebimpe Adebisi, Retail Head at Simba, affirmed, “Talegent embodies Simba Solar’s dedication to ‘Going Solar Made Simple.’ Engineered with user convenience at the forefront, these systems are user-friendly and quick to install, facilitating an easy transition to solar energy for our customers. We are committed to guiding them through each stage of the process.”

Simba Solar’s Talegent Solutions will be available through the company’s authorized retail network, offering flexible options to accommodate various energy requirements and financial considerations.

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