Safety innovation boost at TOC Europe

TT Club and ICHCA International are once again partnering with TOC Europe to present the Safety Village at the event in Rotterdam in June.

The three organisations said they are providing a focal point for discussions, presentations and promotion of innovations that have either already led to a safer supply chain, or aim to in the future.

“Following the success of both last year’s Safety Village launch at TOC Europe and the Innovation in Safety Awards presented in February, TT and ICHCA are continuing their joint campaign to make the international supply chain a safer working environment for everyone involved in cargo handling, and more secure and sustainable for the cargoes and equipment involved in global trade,” TT and ICHCA said in a joint statement.

This year, the Safety Village will feature an enlarged networking area and a stage with presentation facilities. It will be the venue for workshops and panel sessions during the three days of TOC Europe (13 to 15 June). It is also intended to provide opportunities for companies to showcase their innovative safety devices, processes and products.

Dedicated exhibition pods for past entrants of the safety award will be available within the Village at a discounted rate offered by TOC. The united aim is to champion safety in the supply chain and to help develop new solutions for managing risks.

Peregrine Storrs-Fox, risk management director at TT Club, said: “It has been TT’s consistent mission to increase the levels of safety across the myriad of operational functions that constitute the global supply chain.

“We are delighted that our campaign has continued to attract substantial interest across the industry, again demonstrating the depth of commitment that exists to enhance safety and the will to employ significant resources to minimise risk.

“The prominent positioning and extensive facilities of the Safety Village at TOC Europe will help bring together such like-minded companies and individuals to further the visibility of their innovations at this leading industry forum.”

The two organisations added that their ongoing efforts have highlighted numerous groundbreaking innovations with multiple applications to improve safety.

Richard Steele, CEO of ICHCA International, said: “In the recent past, our efforts together with TT have helped promulgate safety innovations including Hapag Lloyd’s Cargo Patrol that detects suspected misdeclared dangerous goods; terminal automation advances from Kunz and Yardeye in cooperation with CSX Terminals; VIKING Life-Saving’s fire suppressant systems, as well as safety devices developed by PSA International and Cargotec.

“The awards early this year added to these with APMT’s Vessel Inspection Mobile App; Exis Technologies and Intermodal Telematics BV (IMT) innovative Tank Container Temperature Monitoring. However there are many, many more innovative ideas are out there and we are committed to giving them the oxygen to grow. The Safety Village at TOC in June will certainly fill the air with a fervour for safety.”

Representatives of TT Club and ICHCA will be at the Safety Village for the duration of TOC Europe, and they are encouraging innovators in the safety sphere to embrace the opportunities it affords. There will be a variety of options from five-minute speaking slots to more detailed workshops. Interested parties can register their interest by emailing TT Club at

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