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5 top benefits of a fleet management system

Failing to manage your fleet effectively can have a harmful impact on your organisation’s bottom line. A poorly managed fleet can hurt profits in many ways, including through increased fuel, and maintenance costs and increased potential for mismanagement.

Effectively maintaining a fleet may be challenging, but a fleet management system can make it easier for organisations. “Fleet management fundamentally works the same across any business that leases or owns a fleet of vehicles. The process and strategy of fleet management is to maintain smooth and efficient operations,” says Thobeka Ntshangase, CEO and Founder of MyFleet Track

Ntshangase shares her top 5 benefits of a fleet management system:

1. Reduce fleet fuel costs

Fuel costs are a big chunk of any fleet’s budget which is why proper management of it is the key. Our systems will alert you on how often specific vehicles are idling and how much diesel/petrol was consumed from point A to point B, this will help you manage and reduce fuel expenses by up to 10%.

2. Improve customer service

Make sure your drivers stick to their schedules and routes to ensure they get to every appointment or make deliveries on time and keeping your vehicles well-maintained, which is also important in making your customers feel confident in your service when your technicians and your fleet vehicles leave a good impression.

3. 24/7 live tracking

If you run a business with many vehicles, you understand how challenging it is to keep track of them 24/7. An asset tracking system will make this process easier by providing precise information about your assets’ location at any given time.

4. Reduce fleet labour costs

While it’s crucial to have maintenance and inspection systems in place, many fleet managers don’t have the same strategies for managing drivers. Implementing a driver management system allows you to get a comprehensive look at your drivers, their productivity, and the overall safety of your assets.

5. Reduce maintenance costs

Running an operation can become a never-ending battle against heavy expenses. But with some cost analysis and preventative attention, you can easily monitor expenditures and reduce the overall costs of your fleet to stay within budget. It is important to automate the system to send you alerts when your vehicle is due for service to avoid breakdowns and ensure that your assets are more productive.

A fleet management system is key to your fleet business. It’s your responsibility to ensure every fleet vehicle is in good condition. Every vehicle needs to be safe and reliable to keep your drivers, passengers, and cargo secure, and avoid accidents that could slow down your business.

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