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Transforming Africa’s Dry Bulk Handling with RAM Revolver

RAM Spreaders: Dry Bulk Handling Impact

Over a decade ago, RAM Spreaders introduced their first rotating spreader for dry bulk material handling. Today, the RAM Revolver operates on every continent, with 15 units already in Africa. Its success is attributed to extensive global aftersales support and the sturdy design of spreaders, resulting in some of the earliest spreaders still in operation today.

How Does Containerised Bulk Handling Work?

The RAM Revolver (rotating spreader) is a crucial component in Containerised Bulk Handling (CBH), which exports or imports bulk commodities. The CBH process involves loading the bulk into special open-top containers at the mine or facility, then sealing it with a lid before being transported by road or rail or bi-modally (road and rail) to its destination.

The sealed containers can be stacked at the destination, awaiting the bulk vessel, moved directly to the wharf, or sent into the handling facility. When the commodity is ready for unloading, the RAM Revolver is used by locking onto the special open-top container like a traditional spreader locks onto a standard ISO container. It discharges the bulk by rotating the container 360 degrees, ensuring all the commodity is decanted.

Simple Process – Simple Solution.

Containerised bulk handling can integrate with existing logistics and equipment. RAM Spreaders has retrofitted their Revolver to STS cranes, MHCs, bridge cranes, ship cranes, and reach stackers.

Containerized Bulk Handling Advantages:

• Ship loading up to 1,000 tons per hour

• 0% material loss, significant savings

• Export any dry bulk material

• Low-cost logistics, integration with existing infrastructure and equipment

• Clean & Green: no dust is generated or exposed to the environment as containers are sealed

• Flexibility: multiple products can be stored closely without cross-contamination or environmental impact risks.

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