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Since the beginning, Heyl & Patterson has been achieving milestones by providing high quality custom-engineered solutions that industries worldwide trust to keep their business’s moving forward. Founded in 1887, Heyl & Patterson has continued to be an industry behemoth in the design and construction of world-class transfer equipment for customers in a wide range of industries such as grain, energy, ports, mining and more.

The company’s team of expert engineers designs variations of railcar dumpers, also known as wagon tipplers, which are in operation across the world. Heyl & Patterson has been able to develop various types of railcars dumping equipment including rotary railcar dumpers, C-shaped rotary dumpers, closed and open-sided turnover dumpers, single and multiple car dumpers, and railcar moving devices like its CUB, train positioners, train indexing equipment and other various support equipment. H&P also offers material handling equipment such as barge unloaders with both grab and continuous bucket designs. Additionally, it offers various related specialty machinery such as barge haul systems and train holding devices.

In 2020, Heyl & Patterson completed a turnkey railcar unloading system in Convent, Louisiana. The project scope included the demolition of an existing pit bridge as well as the installation of a new hybrid bottom/rotary railcar dumper. In September of 2019, engineering began, and 301 days later, the machine was shipped and delivered on schedule. Turnkey installation started soon after, the outage was scheduled for two weeks and took ten days (ahead of schedule). This unique railcar unloading system was custom designed based on a 286,000-pound gross load. This specific design allows the dumper to unload 36 cars per hour, holding free-flowing coal and pet coke.

Heyl & Patterson is a top competitor when it comes to railcar dumping systems along with other bulk material handling equipment. With its various designs and engineering expertise, H&P is the ultimate partner. From railcar dumping systems to continuous barge unloaders, Heyl & Patterson has done it all and has a complete line of barge unloading systems, each with their own unique design.

In June of 2022, Heyl & Patterson was awarded a significant project in Destrehan, Louisiana, for a new Dual Slip Continuous Barge Unloader (CBU) and two Barge Haul Systems. This CBU will increase the terminal’s unloading capacity by more than 100%.

Existing CBU capacities range from 80,000 to 100,000 bushels per hour. This unloader will be designed to unload grains from 2,400-tonne river barges while maintaining a staggering free-digging capacity of up to 120,000 bushels per hour. This dual slip design allows continuous, uninterrupted unloading to maximize productivity and efficiency, allowing operation to occur at all river elevations. There will be one barge haul system for each slip, two in total.

Heyl & Patterson has maintained an exceptional reputation when it comes to unloading grain barges on the Lower Mississippi River, having 12 Continuous Barge Unloaders operating 24/7 for the likes of multiple customers. Since these machines are built to last, new CBUs are rare making this project golden for H&P. Its team intends to make this new unloader the largest, high-capacity machine on the river.

At Heyl & Patterson customer relationships and the company’s commitment to them are its number one priority. Heyl & Patterson offers a wide variety of aftermarket services to support its customers’ needs. With an array of visual, mechanical, and structural inspections, complete advisory services and engineering studies, covering mechanical, structural and electrical disciplines, Heyl & Patterson is ready to assist in any way it can.

Through engineering, aftermarket and field services, Heyl & Patterson aims to be the ultimate partner.

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