Array Technologies has refreshed the components of its dual-row solar tracker.

Array Technologies, a global leader in utility-scale solar tracking solutions, has unveiled enhancements to its STI H250 solar tracker, aiming to elevate precision and performance in solar energy generation.

Key among the upgrades is the implementation of a cutting-edge driveline motion transmission system, meticulously engineered to deliver a more accurate tracking experience. This advancement addresses the demand for heightened precision in solar tracking technology.

The latest iteration of the Array STI H250 boasts several notable features designed to optimize functionality across diverse terrains. These enhancements include a reduction in the number of piles required per tracker, increased tolerance for east-west tilt, and a broader north-south angle between rows. These improvements enable the tracker to effectively navigate challenging landscapes, expanding its applicability in various geographical settings.

By integrating the proven transmission system from Array’s DuraTrack tracker into the STI H250, the need for a separate driveline is eliminated. This integration enhances operational efficiency while ensuring safety during maintenance procedures. Notably, the incorporation of slew drives prevents unintended movement of tracker rows when disconnected, facilitating safe passage for maintenance vehicles and agricultural activities. This adaptability makes the tracker suitable for dual-use applications, such as Agri-PV installations, where it can coexist harmoniously with grazing animals and crops.

Moreover, the STI H250 now features an upgraded integrated control system, offering seamless compatibility with Array SmarTrack energy optimization software. This integration empowers the tracker to dynamically adjust its tilt based on terrain features, prevailing weather conditions, and geographical specifics. These real-time adjustments enhance the overall efficiency of photovoltaic (PV) plants by optimizing backtracking and diffuse light strategies, ultimately leading to increased energy capture.

In a recent press release, Xabier Urcelay, GM of EMEA at Array, emphasized the company’s commitment to advancing global energy efficiency through innovation. He remarked, “Array aims to contribute to a more energy-efficient world, serving as a frontrunner in large-scale solar tracking technology globally. The STI H250 tracker embodies Array’s dedication to innovation and its leading position within the solar energy sector. This advanced technology not only elevates energy output but also enhances the profitability of solar installations. Our forward-thinking approach underscores our ongoing efforts to innovate and refine our products to address evolving challenges in solar energy and drive adoption in key markets.”

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