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Port of Gdansk Eksploatacja S.A. invests in modern and efficient handling equipment. The cranes that the company ordered in 2023 finally arrived in Gdansk last month. They will help to improve the handling capacity of the largest operator company in the Inner Port. The new cranes for PG Eksploatacja have a maximum lifting capacity of 84 tons and a radius of 40 meters. When working together, they will be able to handle cargoes weighing up to 100 tons.
The Rolldock Storm ship moored at Szczecinskie Quay and the cranes were unloaded there, as this is where they will be used. The new equipment allows the company to expand its operations and undertake more handling of heavy items, project cargo, steel structures, machines and vehicles.
The cranes are also required to increase the handling rate of bulk goods. They are powered by diesel engines that meet EU stage V/EPA Tier 5 final standards. They have been adapted to handle bulk cargo (such as grain or coal) and coiled sheets (c-hooks), and they also feature a universal container spreader.
The delivery of new cranes for the Port of Gdansk Eksploatacja is one more investment in the superstructure that has been taking place in recent months. Last year, the company received three self-propelled Liebherr LHM 550 cranes, which are used at Dworzec Drzewny Quay.
Port of Gdansk Eksploatacja is the largest and most universal handling operator in the Port of Gdansk. It has 8 quays in the inner port with a total operational length of 5 km. It handled over 6 million tons of goods in 2023, including coal and coke, steel and steel products, scrap metal, structures, machines, cars and fertilizers.

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