GoodWe Launches C&I Battery System Lynx C 60kWh, Enabling Smart and Scalable Solar-Plus-Storage Solutions

GoodWe, a leading global provider of solar inverters and energy solutions, has bolstered its commercial and industrial (C&I) energy storage offerings with the introduction of its latest product innovation, the Lynx C 60kWh battery system. Engineered to seamlessly integrate with the GoodWe ET 15-30kW hybrid inverter, this battery system offers adaptability to meet the evolving energy requirements of small and medium-scale C&I environments, including industrial parks, agricultural facilities, and commercial complexes.

The ET 15-30kW hybrid inverter stands as a flagship product within GoodWe’s hybrid inverter range, boasting proven efficacy in the market. Responding to customer demand for a user-friendly inverter-plus-battery solution, the Lynx C 60kWh cabinet features a dedicated compartment for the ET15-30kW series inverter. Together, they form a comprehensive energy storage solution, enabling efficient energy backup, peak shaving, and streamlined load management. These functionalities are vital for businesses aiming to optimize self-consumption, curtail costs, and contribute to sustainable development.

A key highlight of the system is its scalability. A single ET 30kW/Lynx C 60kWh cabinet can accommodate expansion by incorporating up to two additional Lynx C batteries (excluding the inverter compartment), resulting in a 30kW/180kWh system. Further expansions will soon be facilitated through parallel connection of the ET series inverters.

Moreover, the Lynx C 60kWh battery system is engineered to operate effectively outdoors across diverse climate conditions, thanks to its temperature management capabilities encompassing heating and cooling mechanisms. Its compact design simplifies transportation and installation, ensuring a hassle-free setup for installers and system integrators. Additionally, its modular nature enhances operational and maintenance efficiency, complemented by features such as IP55 and C4 protection.

With a strategic focus on C&I applications in recent years, the launch of the Lynx C 60kWh battery system underscores GoodWe’s commitment to enhancing its C&I portfolio.

Ron Shen, Vice President of GoodWe, expressed excitement about the introduction of the Lynx C 60kWh, labeling it as an innovative energy storage solution that underscores GoodWe’s dedication to advancing the renewable energy landscape. He emphasized that this launch represents a significant stride forward in delivering efficient and scalable energy solutions.

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